Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finally did it!

I'm a slave to the world of the internet!

I'm just kidding. What I mean is that I finally gave in and decided to believe in myself and consider myself a published author (even if my novel has not seen the light of day yet). Therefore, starting a couple of days ago, I've launched the official fan page on Facebook. It's pretty barren for now, but I plan to fill it with many writing-related thoughts.

Yes, this is my official launch of the page. So virtual champagne and scones for everyone!

So, if you're interested in how the publishing process will work for me from this point on, don't be afraid to wonder over and give me a shout. You can find it here.

In other news, I've just edited chapter 5 of Hunters (first go - using the crits). I'll have to go through it again soon and see what I want to say in it that I haven't already.

Also, coming soon, news about Saving Grace and where it will be going.

Just wanted to take the time and thank everyone for their support and virtual love. It's given me confidence and kept me going all this time. The 4000 hits my blog has received makes me long to give away free stuff. Hopefully, by the time I get to 5000 hits, I'll actually have what to give away ;)

So, until then, virtual hugs for everyone!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some news

So, I went and saw The Hunger Games last night. I'm sort of on the fence about it. Knowing the books and the film industry, I know it could have been much worse. On the other hand, I found myself getting bored during. And the action shots were just terrible. The camera moved around so much, I couldn't tell who was fighting whom and who was doing what.
The screenplay felt pretty solid to me. I had trouble with the directing and the soundtrack. The lack of background sounds made me... well, notice that there aren't any. They could have played out the suspense a lot better with some sound.
I did like the scenes from behind the cameras. Those were really interesting and nice. :) Overall, I think the movie worked and could have been worse.

On to other news. I'm excited that in April, the page for the Fire&Ice devision of Melange Publishing will be out -- cuz that's where Hunters is coming out. It was apparently deemed YA (not exactly sure why, but I guess it's pretty clean), so... I can't wait :D. I still haven't gotten news about the cover, and I'm still very excited to see it (the official one).

Mysti Parker (yeah, you know her), had me do a guest post on her blog. I managed to put that in at work (oopsy, almost forgot), but in the flurry of it, I discovered something about myself. If you're curious, you can read the guest post here.

I've been wondering if to make an author Facebook page for myself. I've been toying with the idea for a while and decided to have one once I am a published author. Now that I'm contracted, I'm a bit scared to call myself that. Like if I exaggerate and get over excited, the good thing will go away. And I'm pretty nervous about that. Though I've seen unpublished authors with Facebook pages. Hmmm... not sure what to do about that. I'm just sure I won't be giving out news of my books on my personal page (since most of the stuff going on there is in Romanian and for Romanians) Most of the people there don't even know I write (yup, let alone that I'm contracted - ha! I can't get enough of saying that).

So, this is me for now. I'll be giving you more news soon. Right now, I'm getting excited with wedding planning and such. Already gave the order for my invitations. :D Hope to get back here with some good news and/or a potential cover/Facebook page.

Over and out!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Move it, pal!

Hi everyone.

I know I've been MIA for a long, long time, but things have been hectic lately. With everything. I think my life will slow down a bit only in November this year, because until then, I have many things to do. You already know that, so I won't be getting into it again. All you need to know is, I'm blogging today because I have a day off ;)

You're probably confused about the title. Don't worry, I'm not addressing you directly. I'll take the long winded way to explain what's going on.

Recently (if you can call Christmas recent), I've acquired a kindle, which means I've automatically tripled the number of books I read a year. I've read over 14 books in 3 months, and I usually read that many per year. I also love that I got to read books by many of my friends. Which was awesome.

Now, while reading my way through many books (including something by the now infamous Amanda Hocking), I came to the following conclusion: action has taken the place of good old fashioned character development in many books.

What's character development?

What, you call yourself a writer and dare to ask that? No, I'm just kidding here - character development is the change that goes on in your character after he/she goes through all the mayhem you put him/her through in your book. So character goes from point A to point B and is better for the experience. (as in grows by the end of this stuff).

After reading some YA lately (including more of the Fallen series and the first 2 Hush Hush books - I know, my choice in literature isn't exactly the best), I've realized that characters DON'T GROW anymore. And I finally realized why The Hunger Games left me with a bitter taste in my mouth - because Katniss didn't grow - she started out as a paranoiac loner and ended just the same. Yes, she has other, redeeming traits, but she starts with them and ends with them. No growth what-so-ever. The same with most YA heroes and heroines these days.

And that's just wrong! I mean YA should be the genre that should preach evolution and development the most - teach the kids that they have to fight for what's right and grow with the experience. Even if there's nothing else to learn from that book.

I'm not saying I'm doing it, but at least I'm trying.
In my YA series, Sam's a rich, pretty clumsy city kid who has to learn to trek through a jungle and shoot and fight because he'll be dead by the end of the book if he doesn't. He also has to fight his insecurities and believe in the decisions he makes because they could get everyone he cares about killed. At some point, he has to even overcome his fear of heights. He struggles and almost fails, but he grows with it.

In Hunters, Rachel actually has to tone down her badd-ass-ness and learn that positive feelings are just as driving as anger. She also evolves and learns how to use what she has without doubting herself. I admit she doesn't grow much - maybe just softens and finds her inner balance - but something about her does change.

Grace, my newest character to torture, grows A LOT. People reading the book know how annoying she was at the beginning and how she started growing a spine and building confidence.

I want to see that in books. People overcoming their condition - struggling to succeed. And here's where the title gets explained (told you it would be a lng and winding road). Move it and evolve, you damn character!

Plot is important, I couldn't agree more. But if you send a cardboard piece (or a stone block in case the character is 3D) down an interesting road, its not going to make me love the book. Enjoy it, sure. Find the plot amazing - maybe. Be happy with the experience - nope, not me. The proof is that I've spent months since I've read The Hunger Games with a bitter feeling that something was wrong with that series. And when I found the flaw, I was very relieved and ready to put it behind me. And, no, I won't be reading those books again.

Honestly, it's going to take a very long time for something as good as Harry Potter to come out for the YA audience. My thoughts.

So yes, three dimensional characters can still be bad. That is my conclusion for the day.

In other news, I've started editing Hunters again - one chapter at a time. I'm gonna need to work on the last chapters because I've changed them pretty much and I need to see if the idea works or not.

Hope to get back here some time this month.