Hi there.

Unless you missed the big bad banner, I'm Stefanie. I'm a writer and so far have published one work (check it out! It's in the sidebar and it sparkles!). I do hope more are on their way to fill the tabs.

A little about me:

I'm from Romania, born and raised in a loving family. I'm recently married and live with my hubby in the big city. When I'm not coming up with lovable and not-so-lovable characters, I'm a lawyer. I love traveling, music and will not shut up. I hope to someday travel around the world. I'm a very visual person, so I love photos. That's why I love book covers.
Even if I'm normally good at remembering things, there are moments when I have the memory of a goldfish (in case you didn't know, the goldfish has a memory span of 2 seconds, which is mainly why you can't teach it any tricks.)

Speaking of which...

My writing:

I've started my writing career when I was ten. Some years have passed since them, and starting the winter of 2009, I actually learned how to write. Since then, I've edited one novel, published another and written two more. Am currently working on a third new novel which I will then have to edit.
I started out writing contemporary YA. Sometime in 2010, I switched to Paranormal and Urban Fantasy. I'm still there at the moment, but I plan on writing in many genres.