Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's announce some winners

As most of you know (well, people who've been by), I offered some prizes in the RAOK week.  I said I'd keep it open till Wednesday, but I stretched it out until... right about five minutes ago.

So, using, I ran every person's name and the prize list to see what everyone will get. And *drum roll* here are the results.

Brad has randomed prize number 3 - a copy of Hunters once it comes out in late July. I won't forget.
Angel has won an interview on my blog - Just choose a date, and I'm game.
Lindsey has won a book review from me - If she'll let me have the book, I'll gladly read it and give an honest, detailed review, like the one I gave Mysti a while back.
 Diane has also won a book review from yours truly - if you don't have a book you want me to review, you may swap it for a prize of your choice (except the grand prize and secret one)

And here's why. Because Mysti actually managed to random the grand prize. Wow! I guess it's interview, review and book for you.

So, congrats to everyone and thanks for playing. Contact me for appointments and how and when you'd like to receive your goodies.

I'll be back soon, I hope, with some writing related posts. I do actually have some things that have been bothering me lately and I want to set them straight.

I'll be back *she said ominously*

Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

Okay, so I've been missing like... a whole month and stuff. Even more. The thing is, Real Life has this habit of eating up one's time.
I've been through a lot these past few weeks. From getting married (Yay for me :D), to almost getting fired and then not getting fired but getting more work assigned (not liking that one bit) to struggling to finish my masters' course and trying to figure out how that damn Facebook Fanpage works...
Yes, I've been busy.

But today, I want to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness. (I'd love to add the official photo, but for some reason, I'm quite unable at this time). The awesome gals at the Book Shelf Muse have started it as a way to celebrate all the help they have received and the launch of their book, The Emotional Thesaurus.

I can't say I've received many random acts of kindness. Whatever kindness I do receive... well, it doesn't seem random. But I do want to do someone else some random good. And when I say random, I mean random. Which is why I won't nominate anyone.

There are so many awesome people out there who have helped me and I want to give some of them back. Which is why I'm giving away the following: *drum roll*

- 5 author interview spaces on my blog
- 3 book reviews (though I'll kinda need the books for that O:))
- 2 free copies of Hunters  when it will hopefully be coming out in July
- 1 Grand prize of interview + book review + copy of Hunters
- Surprise hidden present

So, leave a comment, mention what prize you would like (you could chose 1, 2 or more off the list). I'll be keeping this open until Monday, when the RAOK flurry ends.

Hope I make someone's day. :)

Also, maybe I'll be back around here soon. (Of course I will - I need to give out the prizes, right?)