Rachel’s life isn’t perfect. Sure, she has super powers, an awesome job and a hunky boyfriend. But her boyfriend has a problem with her vampire-hunting duties, she keeps hitting dead ends in her quest to find the vampire boss, Vlad, and Daniel, her partner and best friend, is getting married. And she has no idea why that bothers her.

In his creepy castle, Vlad is no happier with his situation. He’d paid good money to keep the Hunters off his back, and a pair of them have been raining havoc so close to his home. Sweet revenge is in order.

Vlad sweeps down and solves all of Rachel’s relationship problems in one fell swoop. But not in the way she would have wanted. To make matters worse, the Hunters’ High Council calls her and Daniel for trial and sentences them to death for throwing the vampire hunting rule book out the window.

On the run from the Hunters as well as all vampires, Rachel starts seeing Daniel as much more than a best friend. But the new found comfort shatters when evil voices inside her head sing of destruction and doom, and a creepy Banshee turns their crutch-legend into a prophecy of war. A war she and Daniel must start to save their race from extinction. And Rachel seriously doubts that a head-on battle between the vampires and the Hunters will be their ticket out of the death sentence.

Also available in print, html and PDF! 

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