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Saving Grace - Urban Fantasy (Editing)

Grace's life should be easy. She's an Angel after all. But being and Angel isn't all that's cracked up to be, not with the ton of rules and instant retribution for failure to respect them. Her skin gets so itchy every time she messes up, she's afraid she might scratch herself to death.

Her partner, mentor and crush, Nate, tries to lead her in the right direction. He is, after all, a master in the art of perfection. And Grace is willing to go along with it and learn.

That until Demon Robert Blackwing starts stalking her and opens the floodgates to important questions with world-shattering answers. And he's also the only other person who can see the layer-like force that threatens to engulf the Earth and drain the energy out of every living soul.

Pulled away from her world and forced to adapt to a new one, Grace does everything in her power to save humanity from the worst threat it’s ever faced – its own deteriorating nature.

And setting off the Apocalypse might be the only way to save the world.

The Jewel Series - YA action/adventure/romance (WIP)

What if you shook the family tree and a crazed villain bent on killing you falls out? Wish you'd never touched that tree, right? Too late for Sam Grant. His dream of being a hero and making a difference in the world turns out to kick the named tree... HARD. And Snitch Gravel, his father's mortal enemy isn't all that comes crashing down from its heights. So does his twin brother (which he had no idea existed), a ball of lies his parents had been telling him, fights from the past, more long-lost family members... and a secret agency who wants him BAD.

Throughout 7 novels, Sam grows up from a naive, innocent teenager who want his place in history to a young man who must make the most difficult choice of his life. Can he chose who he wants to become, or will  he never escape his fate of becoming either his father or the man who wants him dead?

Smoke - Dreamcatcher #1(WIP)

As a child, Natalie's always had weird dreams involving the destruction of what she knew as fairytale creatures. Once her father supposedly dies in a house fire, she learns that those dreams held some truth.
Destined to be the next Dreamcatcher and hold the creatures within Dreamrealm at bay, Natalie turns into a hard, sarcastic warrior, annoyed by her brief incursions into real life. After all, she doesn't have super powers, the ability to summon anything she wants and the possibility of changing her size and appearance there.

But when she meets Ethan, things seem to look up for her. For some weird reason, the guy is nice and wants to take care of her. Which is perfect, especially since Dreamrealm gets complicated with the appearance of Eric, a human subconscious projection who seems to know he's in a dream and uses it to the fullest. And he'd stop at nothing to bring some morality to Natalie's life.

Torn between what's real and what's not, Natalie must find a way to listen to her heart, but also keep her sanity. Especially since her newly resurfacing feelings might open a gate and release all the creatures of Dreamrealm.

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