Monday, June 20, 2011

Freaking out. Unbelievable!

Yes, I am officially freaking out - there are nine days left until I have to give my degree exam and I'm at a loss as to what to do - the pile of books on my desk has been read, last years' tests have been solved and I'm... going crazy with the nerves. I almost had a break down today. That's why I'm so calm now. I believe I'll make it in the end and it will be over soon.

I swear, they inched toward me!

Speaking of believing... how much do you suspend your belief when you read/watch a movie. I'm a reader and a movie goer - I know movies and books aren't real. They don't have to accurately reproduce normal life or they'd be...boring. Because you get to watch Real Life every day.
When I read/watch movies, I want to escape reality. That's why I buy almost anything (well, except stuff that doesn't actually make sense.)
But, lately I've come across a lot of reviews and comments on both books and movies - comments that say - I will not suspend belief for that - that doesn't make sense and it isn't even remotely possible... this being said about fiction/sci-fi films. O-Kay...

Has anyone seen Source Code? I liked it - I thought it was pretty original and I actually GOT the ending (well, at least I think I did, and I'm happy in my ignorance). Then I read some reviews about how it was so totally unrealistic... well, duh! It's a freaking sci-fi type thriller. If I suspend my belief enough to start watching this movie, how am I supposed to take it seriously.

Honestly, I've had this trouble with my own writing. I know it's easy to get around in Paranormal and fantasy and such, but when you write normal fiction, you have to keep it more realistic. And I agree - but that doesn't mean that when I read contemporary/normal fiction, I expect everything to be 100% accurate and believable - I tend to cut the world/the characters some slack and see where they go from there. Maybe everything will be explained in the end.
I like fiction especially because unusual stuff happens (and it might make me laugh). Don't know... this is some new trend I've noticed.

*Shrug* Yeah, well, I hope I'll come back with something half decent next time I post (Like a over 90 average on my test :D)

Signing off... (and still kinda freaking out)


  1. Nine days? I'm counting with you, Steph - good luck!

    As for suspending disbelief, for me that depends on lots of things but mainly:

    (1) How much am I being entertained? I will be a lot more forgiving of something that is worth suspending disbelief for.

    (2) How seriously does the book/movie take itself? If it's going out of its way to portray gritty reality then my tolerance level is near zero. If it is clearly making a leap in order to tell an entertaining story (see point 1) then I'm happy.

    For example, I almost snorted my beer at "unobtainium" in Avatar, but happily shelved the mental gag reflex because it was such a darned good movie and was utterly out to entertain.

  2. Oh, yes, I totally agree with you - if books and/or movies take themselves too seriously, they'd better pull through and be realistic.

    But if they're out for entertainment value - then I will myself be entertained, rather than nitpick about it. :p

  3. I ditto Botanist's views. With the more "realistic" movies, I prefer ones with a real-life story or a strong message, like "The Blind Side". Otherwise, it does (and I quote something from Family Guy) "insist upon itself" :)

    And you're going to do great Stef, I just know it. Get lots of sleep the night before if you can. No all-night cramming. Deep breaths. Extra chocolate. Funny movies. You can do it!

  4. I ditto Botanist's post. If it’s entertaining and I’m enjoying myself, I’m willing to forgive about anything.

    Good luck with your tests, Steph! And just think, you’re almost done for good!!! Yippee!

  5. I'm sending calming vibes your way! You'll do great. :)

    The times I can't sussupend my disbelief is when characters act completely out of character or act in way that I can't rationalize under any circumstance. (does that make sense?) If a character is setup to be one way and then for no good reason, just does something out of character for the sake of the plot, then I'm not buying it.

    A good example was the show 24,(which I really liked, btw). I wasn't buying any scene that involved Jack's daughter, Kim. She acted in ways that no normal person would for the sake of landing her in dangerous situations, so it all seemed contrived to me.

    As long as I believe the reason, then I'll buy just about anything.


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