Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The character challenge (part. 1)

Hey peeps!

You know, recently, I've been having trouble finding things to blog about. I've been actually sitting in my corner, waiting for something interesting to happen to me so I can tell the world. Well... nuff said, no such thing happened. And then, I got this really awesome opportunity to do TWO posts.

Well, yes, as you've probably guessed from the title, it has something to do with characters. And you all know that I simply LOVE characters.

Here's the deal. Jay actually dared me to do a character interview with one of my rather secondary characters. And I'm never one to back out of a challenge. So, I'm totally on top of this one.

Some back story: I'm to do an interview with Chris. Who's that? Well, he was Rachel's boyfriend for three years (Rachel being the MC in Hunters). He only appears in like 2 chapters, and let's just say he's not exactly the most likable character, since he dumps Rachel and runs away.

Interview setting: Rachel just told Chris that she's not going to leave Daniel (her best friend and partner, and Hunter, just like her) and run away with him. Chris gets pissed and walks away (or should I say stomps away). I just caught him in the elevator. I'll be S, he'll be C.

S: Whoa, Chris, what happened to you?

C: Leave me alone. I don't wanna talk about it.

S: You're going to talk about it to me. I'm not telling anyone. Secret's safe. Scout's honor *cross fingers behind my back*

C: I just broke up with Rachel.

S: What? Really? But you were trying so hard to get used to the idea that she hunts vampires.

C: I know. It's just that...[turns away] I realized that my real problem wasn't with that. The thing is... there was no point to keep seeing her.

S: No point? As in you don't love her anymore?

C: Of course I do. [runs hands through hair] But I'll never be good enough for her. I'll never be what she needs. I can't compete with Daniel. He'll always be more important to her than me.

S: Ouch! What makes you say that?

C: Was it not enough that she chose him over me? He killed Cheryl, for Christ's sake! And I'm not even sure he won't turn around, go ballistic and kill Rachel, too.

S: [annoyed look] So you just left Rachel there in what you believe is grave danger.

C: [stares] I...I can't.... Even if I stayed, there's nothing I could've done. I know how these Hunters work. Daniel could've torn me to pieces with his bare hands. Rachel could, too. I don't belong in their world, with their super powers and vampires and blood drinking and what-not. I would never be able to help Rachel, to protect her. She made me feel so inadequate. And it would have been so easy not to.

S: [frowns] What do you mean?

C: I mean even tonight. I didn't want to go. It was so easy for her to stop me. "I love you. We'll get through this." That would've been enough to make me stay. I waited, and she kept going on about Daniel, about not leaving him, about how he needs her. What about me? Don't I need her?

S: You're being selfish. Daniel really did go through a rough patch tonight. He had to kill his fiancé to prevent her from turning into a vampire. Of course he needs someone there.

C: I'm his friend, too. At least I used to be. [his hands tremble] It would have been so easy for Rachel to get me to understand, to stay with her and Daniel, help them out as much as I can... but she didn't say it. She didn't say what I needed to hear.

S: [wary] What did you need to hear?

C: [looks at me with tears in his eyes] That Daniel is her best friend, he's like a brother to her. That I shouldn't make her chose between love and family. But she didn't say it. She didn't say it because... Daniel is not family to her. I always had the feeling there's a little spark there. But she had me, Daniel had Cheryl and it was nothing but an innocent bit of attraction. But now, without Cheryl in the picture... [shakes his head]. I know I come off as a selfish asshole. I said horrible things to her. But this break-up is better for both of us. She won't have to worry about me anymore and I can move on and not feel so...small.

S: I kinda feel sorry for you. But you could've been kinder to Rachel. Tell her this instead of shouting that you hate her and that she's a murderer. You said she and Daniel are responsible for killing Cheryl.

C: They are. And I think someone should tell them that. They're not human anymore and they should stay away from humans, in their own world.

S: That's a bit mean.

C: I know, but it's the truth.

S: What if Rachel had offered to turn you into a Hunter?

C: [stares in disbelief] Why would I want that? I want a normal life and a family. I want to grow old and die. I don't want to roam the world forever, killing things. [sighs] I guess that, as much as I loved Rachel, she could've never made me happy. I could've never made her happy. We were just too different.

S: You did date for three years. You wanted to marry her.

C: I know. She was a thrill I needed, but not what I want in the long run. Tonight proved that. And I hope she'll forgive me for what I said, realize I was right to say and do what I did tonight and move on. I will be moving on with my life. And if she and Daniel hook up, I wish them the best. I just hope they don't drag anymore innocent people into their games. [Elevator doors open] Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get out of here before I get killed by vampires.[Walks out. The doors close again]

So, that's it. He was a bit incoherent at some points, but the man's just stepped out of a blood-filled room. This is Chris. And the last you'll ever see of him O:)

This was fun :D I'm such a sucker for character related stuff :p


  1. OMG! Love it. As I expected, I learned things about him and what's going on in his head that I'd have never gotten from the story. Did you learn anything new about him?

    Very cool, and thanks for taking the challenge.


  2. Yeah, I learned that the guy had more insecurities and issues than I originally thought O:) And I kinda feel like I hope he gets a happy ending, too.

  3. Good response to Andrew's challenge Steph! And it still amazes me how much I find out about my own characters that I never suspected. This interviewing is powerful stuff.

  4. Nice one! I really feel more sorry for him now than I did in-story. We didn't get a lot from him there to form a deep opinion.

    Great idea J :)


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