Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thirteen reasons

Guess what?

Yes, it so happens that Hunters is now available for purchase! Indeed, if you desire to buy the masterpiece, you may now do so in print, PDF and Html (for now). Kindle and every other outlet coming soon.

Before you take me too seriously, take heed that the above is a spoof and should be treated as such. Except the book being available, which is real. And just to prove it, here's a link where you can buy it.

What am I doing now? The already famous happy dance (which is pretty weird to do in public, since most people have no idea what's going on).

To celebrate this extraordinary event, I shall give you 13 reasons to read this book:

1. I know that you read the word vampire in the blurb and probably want to run screaming. DON'T. How about a book in which vampires are back to being the original bad guys, bent on raining havoc? They don't love humans (except as food) and fight, fight, fight. And plot.

2. Tired of a human heroine and supernatural hero? You'll see none of that here. For once, the guy and gal are equals. Which makes for other troubles to get the romance rolling.

3. Don't like damsels? Neither does Rachel, though she admits it's nice to have someone look after her from time to time.

4. It's not the beginning of an endless series. You can read it, enjoy it, and not worry about future sequels.

5. It's short. Yes, that's a reason to read a book too. It's 217 pages in print. Great for the beach or a stormy night.

6. There is witty banter to be witnessed. With two head-strong MCs who don't take crap from anybody, there's bound to be.

7. There is emotion. Or so I've been told.

8. A new world of paranormal beings awaits. Though you might meet some familiar creatures in the world of Hunters, not all of them are what you may know/think.

9. You might laugh. If I don't draw a smile/chuckle/snort out of you, I'm doing it wrong.

10. The villain is not just your stereotypical bad vampire. Watch as Vlad's legend comes together and brings forth the man he really is (well, man is a relative term). Bad guys can be fair too, right?

11. Going against the grain? It's here. When the entire world wants your head for doing what you believe is right, would you keep doing it?

12. Stuffy protocol, an old system and mass-manipulation. Yup. Watch what happens when the good guys are not really as good as they should be.

13. And finally, I wrote it, and I'm brilliant. you might grow to like Rachel and Daniel and want to see how their journey ends.

Have I convinced you to pick up a copy? No? How about to win a copy? In even more celebration, I'm giving away a PDF copy of Hunters to one lucky commenter. Just leave a comment with your e-mail address, mention that you want it and tell me which of the 13 reasons makes you want to read it most. The winner will be drawn this weekend.

Now, as to the people who won a copy of the book from me during the RAOK week, let me know if you'd like your copy now, in PDF format or wait for the kindle version.

In other news, if you don't win here, tomorrow, Mysti Parker of Unwritten is hosting the 200 000 hits giveaway. I've most generously (please don't take me seriously) donated 3 PDF copies of Hunters for the event, so you may hop on there and grab a copy.

If you'd like to support and up-and-coming/going author, the facebook link is on the right and the goodreads link here. Everyone is welcome to the party.

Okay, I'm done with the shameless plugging. O:)


  1. Those thirteen reasons are all rather good. I can't quite pick one though if I were to, I'll go with there being no damsel in distress. I HATE THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS THING.

    Your book sounds great!


  2. I like all your reasons - especially that crossed out one at the end ;).

  3. I don't like damsels either! Congratulations on your publication!



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