Friday, January 28, 2011

Know the nutter better

Incidentally, I happen to have received a blog award. It's for blog good friends (as far as I know).
So I wanna thank J Andrew Jansen for presenting it to me. ( That was really nice of him seeing as I'm a writing N00b. (Btw, check out his blog while you're at it :))
And I wanna thank Mysti for giving it to him and then he passed the savings on to me.
Now, I apparently have to reveal 5 things about myself and give this award to 5 other people who may or may not already have it.

Okay, Five things about me:

1. Random things: My favorite letter is R, my favorite number is 13 and my favorite color is Red.
2. My childhood hero was Robin Hood (the fox from Disney's version) Until I turned 9 and started writing my own characters.
3. I am addicted to music - I would listen to music non-stop. Just as long as I pick the songs - I also happen to be very picky.
4. I hate clubbing - the noise, the smoke (I ware contacts - not a happy environment for them) and the people trying to get their cool on - all of that makes me want to... be somewhere far away.
5. I make a mean bowl of spaghetti

Now for the people I nominee ( I don't know many, so this is a tough one)

Katie Salidas - Because she's an awesome critter and writer and helped me out with my N00b rules.
Aslehy Lynn Willis  - Because she's one of the two people who read my entire novel and didn't cringe. Plus, she gives really good crits and points out essential problems.
Suz Quint I like that she doesn't take to the rules kindly - Hallelujah for people who question those things
Botanist - - because I have fun reading this

Owllady - - because it's very useful (plus, I got a shout out for following :)

Well, this is it. It's all down to you now, peeps.


  1. Congratz Stephanie! Mmm, spaghetti...

  2. Mmm Spaghetti... I want some :)

  3. Hi Steph!

    I *LOVE* that version of robin hood! Ooh-dah-lolly!

    (Blogger is refusing to verify my wordpress account tonight for some reason)


  4. Hey Stephanie! Your very own award! Nice one, and thanks for passing it on. I'll have to have a think about what to reveal, so please be patient...

  5. Hey everyone. Yes, I do make delicious spaghetti (mind you, it's one of the few things I cook that can pass off as food). I wish I could cook a pot for you guys ;)
    @J: Lol, yeah, I love that movie. I still watch it from time to time and still think it's brilliant! My kids are growing up with it!
    @Everyone: Thanks for making my blogging life so much fun!


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