Monday, April 25, 2011

Crazy new idea

Hey folks!

I know this is done a lot lately, but I've been thinking about starting a separate character blog.
The thing is, I've been spending time with two projects, and while one is over and done with, I'm in dire need to connect with my characters from the other work of art (to be read utter pile of rubbish).

So I might start a blog for them soon. (as in right now - yup, that's what soon means for me). So that I can get to know them again - and interested people can know them as well. My goal for it is to make people laugh and show the relationship between five brothers out of which four are teenagers.

Let the fun begin!

Here's the link: The Grants

That is all.

PS: I promise I'll start posting interesting, relevant articles regarding writing quite soon. As soon as the muse hits me. I'll probably cover book endings (since Hunters is coming to an end in the CC queue this week)

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