Saturday, May 21, 2011

And the winner is...

Cheryl Ann of CherylAnnHam. She left a comment and I drew her out of the box to win a awesome copy of Mysti Parker's first novel, A Ranger's Tale.

Congratulations, Cheryl! May you greatly enjoy this book. I know I did. Now, just leave me your email address so I can send it to the right people.

Right...what am I up to? Trying to study, crit, write, edit and go to the gym at the same time. How's that working out? Not so well. I'm in brainstorming hell due to the beginning of my book, and I just found out I need a plotting partner, else I'll go crazy - I need someone to bounce ideas off (and no one around me is interested enough in writing -Aaaah! I'm going crazy!)

Also, I've finished my exams for the year(s of college) Not too happy with the results - double 9er and a 10 which will be of course seasoned with a fine 5er. Eh... my smallest grades like... ever. And I don't think it's very fair, but... *shrug*. I might just finish this year of with a 8.8 average which is the smallest average I've head since starting school. Which means I might finish college with a 9,36 out of ten average - not too bad, but I wanted better. *sigh*

Right...this is why I'm pretty much MIA with the blogging - going though a rather harsh time psychically - so I don't want to inflict my craziness upon everyone.

Singing off


  1. I hate when real life gets in the way of writing. Best of luck on the rest of your exams. I know you were concerned on an earlier post about having to grow up. Don't worry, though. I promise to never call you anything that horrible!

    I'm available to bounce ideas off of, if you like. I'll shoot you a private message over on CC and see if you're interested.

    Best wishes until your return to blog-land!


    PS: Ever since I moved my blog, I haven't been able to comment here. I know that Mysti's blogspot blog lets me use my name and URL to register a comment. Any chance you can find out how she is doing that and add it to yours? Pretty please?!

  2. Hi J!
    Thanks, you're a sweetheart. And I'll give Mysti a shout-out and ask what dark magic she is using :p

  3. Hi! Yay, I love winning stuff. :) I received my copy of A Ranger's Tale from Mysti and I can't wait to start reading it.

    Good Luck with all the stuff you have going on. Geez, you're one busy girl. My hat is off to you for keeping it all together and still managing to write, never mind blog. Perhaps you're a vampire and require no sleep? LOL :)

  4. Hope things even out for you again soon, and, like Cheryl, I'm in awe of your ability to fit everything in :).

  5. Sorry to hear you're struggling a bit right now--hope you take it easy and things start to straighten themselves out. Hugs!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  6. Thanks you guys. Fortunately, I'm feeling a wee bit better now. Hope I get my humor back as well, soon ;)
    Hugs back at everyone!


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