Sunday, May 29, 2011


Mellow greetings fellow bloggers of the underworld.

Let me tell you that this weekend I've been totally off critting, blogging, writing and even studying. But I've done a couple of things I haven't done in a while.

First off, I went shopping - twice - once for clothes and once for BOOKS! I was very pleased to go to a book fair and find a lot of books I've wanted to read for a while - What did I get?
Well, I got The Hunger Games (FINALLY!) which I've been wanting to read for a loooong time (since a lot of my pals on CC listed it as a favorite book and a must-read). Something else - the first 2 books of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (the third or fourth one aren't out yet in my country).
I also got Stephen King's Salem's Lot - Mysti made me curious - I wanna see if I pee my pants with fright after this one - haven't read a scary book in ages.
I also got Fallen by... I'm too lazy to check - but you all know it - the cover with the moping girl and is about angels and demons and stuff. So, yeah, I'm pretty happy with myself.

I've also already finished The City of Bones - it was a good read, finished it up in less than 2 days and I can't believe I'm reading something that isn't in some sick, weird way related to Law. Can't wait to read the rest (though I will have to squeeze that in between studying - I have to start doing that tomorrow - but, somehow, I'm not fussing too much).

Have my graduation ceremony and prom on Friday, so am pretty excited for that as well. Also, found a fat burning program on the treadmill that turned out to be a lot of fun.

But I'm mainly glad I'm reading again. And hopefully, I'll be writing again soon (as in, as soon as I finish blogging)

Time when I'll post something relevant about writing... not sure - depends on where the muse takes me.

Take care.


  1. It's great when you make time for yourself like that, isn't it? I bought a few books for myself last week, and have already devoured two of them.

    I recognise that feeling as well - finally getting back to reading for fun.

    I really loved most of the books you mentioned (I haven't read "Salem's Lot", and I thought "Fallen" took too long to go anywhere).

    Hope you enjoy Friday - it sounds like quite a day :).

  2. Glad you're enjoying some time for yourself after being so busy with studies and exams. I've been reading a bit recently, too, and it's a nice feeling.

  3. Hey Steph :D I loved Mortal Instruments and Hunger Games, wasn't so fond of Fallen, but let me know what you think, okay? :)

  4. Thanks guys - I'm actually learning a lot from reading for fun (I can't help critting in between). I'll probably share what I've learned ;)

  5. Enjoy the break! I think after my WIP is done, I'm going to settle down for a few long weeks of reading, reading, and more reading!

    Hope you like "Salem's Lot" too :) There's even a movie version.

  6. Ooh, I'm so jealous you went book shopping. I think I'm gonna have to do it now. Yeah, I'm sort of a "follower". LOL. I've read everything you've mentions,except for Salem's Lot, but I'm no stranger to Steven King's books. Love 'em! Have fun reading, they're all great books.

    I NEED to finish Across the Universe, by Beth Revis, and I really wanna get possession, by Elana Johnson.


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