Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fun Stuff

Looks like I'm prone to messing around this month. Truthfully, I'm not having exactly the hottest month. I'm in no mood for Christmas, which is blasphemy in my book - I usually start singing carols in November. Now, I haven't even taken the tree out and decorated it. I might ;)

The thing is, I'm taking advantage of my last days as a free slacker. In January, I'll be starting work. And that + school + wedding planning = big headache :)

Notice: dangling pony earrings
In celebration of my freedom, I bought a 'Procrastination' t- shirt. Really. I know, I'm not right in the head.

And I took some further photos of what entertained me during the last month -> namely my plotting of Saving Grace and a drawing I made of one of the characters in said story (no, I didn't draw the MCs - I would totally suck at that).

Questionable talent
So, here's more photos for your entertainment. You get the chance to take a look at my handwriting - obtained after writing thousands of pages of utter brilliance. (I'm talking here, of course, about my college courses.)

To be fair, I used to write by hand a lot at the beginning of my writing career. When I get home, I'll search for the said notebooks - I have a bout 12 full 100 page notebooks written with a spin-off after my Jewel series. In that story, I'm the MC, an exchange student at the High School Sam and co. go to in the original books. I happen to meet all of them, as they're my teachers and I butt into their business and have a wonderful adventure together with my BFF and some of my real grade school colleagues. - Jolly good fun. It's the only thing I've ever written in first person.

So, yes, during grade school, in the classes I didn't care for (that's why I don't know French), I wrote in my little notebook and let my friend read. Sometimes, my colleagues asked if they're in it, and if they knew they were, they asked what they were up to - it was fun :) I wonder what they'd say if they knew how serious I actually became about writing.

Wow, this is turning out to be some weird post about my beginnings as a serious writer. You should see my spelling - it was horrible. I usually spelled f instead of th :D Aren't you glad you never got to read any of that stuff? :p

I think that, the most important thing I've learned over the years is that to have your characters randomly burst into song is not exactly a good idea. Also, that I write the best parodies after my own stuff.

I feel like I'm getting a bit annoying here, so I'm going to end it on a happy tone. See you guys soon.


  1. I know how you feel re: Christmas. I felt like that for a few years, but this year found me digging into the Christmas tree box, and finding all those decorations I'd forgotten about. It also found me skipping through a car park singing "Jingle Bell Rock", which had just been playing on the car stereo *red cheeks*.

    I love the sound of your spin-off. Getting to meet your characters and have an adventure seems like a great story to me.

    And your talent isn't questionable! That's a great drawing. Wish I could draw like that.

  2. Thanks Jean :) It was a fun purchase for me, though most people around here have no idea what that word means :p

    @Coral: Are you kidding me? Your drawings are awesome! I've seen you on DeviantArt - you rule! Anyway, I was supposed to be drawing Grace, but her future roommate came out instead. Oopsy - anyway, all Angels in my book kinda look like that - minus the mildly pissed expression :p

  3. Enjoy your slacker time! You deserve it!

    I finally put up my Christmas tree, but I don't have Christmas spirit yet. I'll get there after Friday.

    I used to sit in classes I hated and write, too! And I think characters bursting out into song is funny. :)

  4. Two thumbs up on the photos! Love your character in the cloak-like robe.

    I used to play on a text-based role-playing game. Robes, cloaks, leather boots and gloves were a must for survival. :)

  5. Christmas has kinda sneaked up on us and it feels like everything is too rushed this year to get into the spirit :( Haven't even got cards into the mail yet, which is usually done & dusted by the first week. Aak!

    Enjoy the free slacker time while it lasts!

  6. @ Lindsey: I agree - funny. Productive...eh, not so much. Copyright problem - oh yah! :D But it was so much fun when I was ten!

    @Diane: Do you mean Dungeons and Dragons? Sounds like it :D And thanks!

    @Ian - I know! I dread starting work (as much as I searched for a job) because I'll have no free time whatsoever left :( Hope I'll handle it just fine :)


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