Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NaNo - Day 8

I'm getting back on the bandwagon with the NaNo posting. Even if I haven't been updating, I have been writing.
On Saturday, I managed to do the outline of my novel, so now I know what happens from beginning to end. It's much more detailed that the one I had for Hunters (That one was 2 pages, this one somewhere at 4).

I've come to realize that there are a few things that I'm doing as a first while writing this story:
1. My novels usually stop around 20- 23 chapters. This one has over 30. So I've reached a new psychological threshold.

2. This is the first novel I've written (so far) that has parts. I've structured the whole novel in 3 parts, each culminating with a major twist of the plot (well, except the last one, which culminates with the end).

3. This is the first novel in which I have only one POV. Hunters wasn't exactly rich there either, but I had 2 chapters written in Vlad's POV. My Jewel series has an indefinite number of POV characters.

4. I already came up with a concept for the cover. It took me a whole lot to think of what I want for Hunters (and I can't do what I wanted because I'd have to draw it and I suck at drawing) And I still don't know what my Jewel covers will look like, but Saving Grace already has a temp cover to get me going and I have a couple of ideas rolling around my head for the cover.

Other than that, I've finally finished my character list, ignoring the extras. I actually inserted a new character as a punch and I'm actually enjoying playing around with it. Also, I think I've made my male MC likable enough to work. I'm actually starting to like him :D
I also solved all the motivation problems for the big ticket items in the book. And I'm proud of that.

Anyway, better get back to writing. I haven't met my quota for today. I'm writing a chapter a day, so I still have about a half of a chapter to go.


  1. NaNo is great for pushing yourself to try new things! Sounds like you're making good progress there as well as on the general writing front. :)

  2. Day 8 and over 27k words? You are steaming along there, Steph!

  3. Thanks guys! The thing is that I still have a really long way to go regarding the story. Of course, I'm writing word added since it's for NaNo, but I'll have to prune much of this at some point unless I want a 200k word novel (and I don't :))

  4. "...except the last one, which culminates in the end" :D. That made me laugh, and I needed a laugh :).

    Sounds like you're making great progress. The cover must be good for inspiration too.


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