Friday, November 18, 2011

NaNo - Day whatever

You can tell from my annoyed air that I've kinda hit writer's block. It was about time, too, huh? Oh, no, don't get me wrong. I've written today. Only that I have a few chapters of time just passing by. Of course, it matters for the overall story, but I hate filler chapters. I've noticed those sometimes seem to be my best chapters, whether I like it or not.

I kinda have 2/max 3 chapters left of part II, and then I'm charging on to part 3 - which will be hardest to write because I haven't really thought about it. Argh, I'm starting to get pissed for one reason or another.

Oh, yeah. The world will end soon. Why? Because I talked to my BF about what I'm writing and we actually had a conversation about it. It started with me giving him a situation and asking him how he would react to it (because I felt my character might have over-reacted). And from there, I started explaining the plot points, what happened and who's who.

He actually paid attention, told me what he liked and what he didn't... until I told him I'm not going to NOT have my characters hook up since it's a romance... for women mostly. And he went 'oh, okay. Just let me know if you want more reactions.'
Seeing as he was the kind who shook his head when he heard about my writing, this was a huge improvement. It made me feel like he actually cares. And it made me happy, and him like I value his opinion (which I do up to some point) and all involved in everything. :)

Just felt like sharing this extraordinary event.

Hope I'll get the writing juices flowing again


  1. I'm happy your BF listened to you about your writing! Conversations like this can be so difficult, especially with non-writers. I used to tell my BF my ideas, and he'd say, "That sounds too weird. You should write literary fiction." He's now learned to never say this unless he wants to be kicked. :)

  2. Despite writer's block, it sounds like you're still doing really well with your story, and I'm so pleased your BF listened and gave you his reactions. Even more happy that his reactions were helpful to you.

  3. Yeeey, thanks you guys.
    I'm trying to get the story moving, but certain information has to be slipped in, and it's taking a lot of build up. I just hope it won't turn out to be boring. :)


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